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This adaptation proved to be a very important step for the further development of our company. Not only did it enable us to meet statutory regulations, it also allowed us to focus on products generating added value and offered opportunity for opening up the Isleten peninsula to soft tourism.

Walter-CB AG

Walter-CB AG, which today is an independent company, was established in 1979 as a subsidiary for handling activities outside the traditional explosives production. The company has been representing the Metaflux (chemo-technical products) across Switzerland with increasing success for almost 30 years and now has 12 employees.

In 2002 grinding products from the Canadian company Walter were added to the portfolio. Today Walter-CB AG is an important partner for high-performance cleaning agents, corrosion protection and metallic coatings, lubricating metals and lubricants, technical sprays and auxiliary liquids, cleaning sprays, metal fillers, compound resins, quality adhesives, washing machines, washstands, plate phase separators and grinding products.