Cheddite's History

Isleten – A place of trade and industry
for more than 400 years

Several factors contributed to the early onset of industrial development on the peninsula of Isleten: the water route provided by Lake Lucerne, the availability nearby of huge resources of iron ore and wood, and the abundant water supply.

Smelting iron ore and processing timber

The land along the Isenthal creek was first put to industrial use in the 16th century when the Madran family recognised the vast economic potential of the iron ore and the abundance of timber. They subsequently built a smelter that was used for about 100 years. In fact it is the iron ore (in German
Eisenerz) that originally gave the peninsula of Isleten its name.

Old well used for paper production, ca. 1850

Paper mill
In around 1851, Karl Emanuel Müller from Altdorf bought the
factory buildings in Isleten, and two years later began with
the production of paper. The paper mill was a success, and the machines processing the timber were running day
and night.

A few years later, however, factories with newer
technologies began to compete more and more with the company in the Canton of Uri, bringing paper production in the area to a stop in 1869.

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